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Jobs in Dubai/Abu Dhabi, London... Make sure your job application stands out. Once you decide what employers to pursue in your chosen country, prepare an application that will make your candidature to be top 10! Reach Farther. Dream Bigger. A better career is out there. Neowise team help you find it. We're your first step to becoming everything you want to be. Select your country and submit  your application form!

Dubai & London becomes No 1 jobs destination for international job seekers!


Job-seekers are realizing the benefits of international work experiences

Neowise is a complete job portal for all people who looking for jobs in Dubai & jobs in U.K, Neowise team is the leading recruitment site for professionals in the Middle East. Finding a job in Dubai isn't easy - especially as foreigner but now Neowise team has new tools now for overseas job seekers, to find international career! 

With Neowise Your dream job will find you....  







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Not sure what country or job vacancy you’re after? Let us help you find a job in Dubai or London. Feel free to contact us and our knowledgeable staff will help you.  Tell us about your career experience and we’ll instantly match you with our job vacancies!

Now let us introduce business to you: the job searching is only the beginning. You'll also be interviewed by recruiters and employers around the world in our program, and we can promise you that if you think strategy you have is good this is at a whole new level.

And believe us if you do even half as well as the rest of the people who've gone through this program, you're going to be very very impressed. Sounds fair enough? OK, Our basic system It's a cash outlay of only $24.99 for career searching package in Dubai and that includes the job searching in major cities around the world, and this will be the best investments you've ever made!. If you will join to our program the only problem you'll have is we didn't call you six month ago and sign you up then.

The true beauties of the program is that program is actually comes with an unconditional guarantee, if you go through the program and don't think it is the best investments in job searching you've ever made then you can get a new job searching for free! or refund right on the spot, no question asked. So it cost you absolutely nothing! 

If you have a Management experience with our help you can hit a Global Market for example we can recommend you to J.P Morgan, Apple inc. Lloyds Bank and CEO’s of manpower recruitment in Dubai. On the other hand extra Resume Writing package cost only $19.99 and you will get a full support in job searching, what our team mean is:

  • blue-tick  Neowise team will be searching a job for you in UAE and Qatar if you requested.
  • blue-tick  Your personal representative will also manage to contact Head-hunters and recruiters with your CV.
  • blue-tick  Our team also will call to employers before they send your CV so we do not spam them like rest of the companies do!
  • blue-tick  Our HR director will personally have a look on your CV and cover letter to make sure you have every details and spelling are correct.
  • blue-tick  We also add you to the International data base like Bayt.com and Reed.co.uk.
  • blue-tick  We also setting up minimum 2-3 Interviews per week with employers for you within 3 months time.
  • blue-tick  Managing process for your visa, immigration or citizenship documents for a new job.
  • blue-tick  1h Interview over the Skype with our senior manager to settle down what you expect with job searching.
  • blue-tick  You will have a tailor-made professional CV and that will set you head and shoulders above your competition in Middle East.
  • blue-tick  Our team will send your CV to all jobs offers that we have on the website of course within your career experience.
  • blue-tick  We will send your CV to Top Headhunters in United Kingdom and Middle East so they will review your Resume accordingly.
  • blue-tick  Your profile on our portal will become premium with highlighted options for new and existed employers.

However If you will be not happy with a senior management jobs we provide for you then we will refund a money. Let us know if you would like to try we can always speak over the Skype " neowise.corporation " and our representative or our manager can always contact you over the phone in U.K

International Jobs & Work Abroad

A comprehensive job searching program of international candidates for professionals, including international development jobs in Dubai. Start job searching today and find employment online with Neowise.

Price : $69.99

Jobs in Dubai & Recruitment

Neowise Limited helps you in finding latest jobs vacancies in Dubai and UAE. Our team will Create for you Resume and apply for thousands of jobs avaialable in United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Price : $29.99

Oil & Gas

Search thousands of Oil and Gas jobs in Dubai. Our team find oil jobs, offshore jobs, oil careers for you and recruiter and employers in the oil and gas industry. This is the perfect recruitment solution for the gas and oil industries in UAE and Qatar.

Price : $49.99

Interview preparation

Interview preparation, Skype call consultation +Interview secret tips to success. Time to prepare for your job interview. Learn what to expect and get tips for leaving a great impression on your job interview in United Arab Emirates.

Price : $24.99



Neowise Site Stats

Here we list our site stats and how many people we’ve helped find a job and companies have found recruits. It's a pretty awesome how many people got a job by using Neowise job searching services!

  • 471 Jobs Posted
  • 2,117 Resumes Posted
  • 42 Companies
  • 9,020 Members